Saturday, December 24, 2005

Piggy pudding?!

Another Christmas with John Denver and the Muppets. I love this time of year. The orange tree is merrily decorated (with one extra-large red globe ornament contributing to the overall Charlie Brown effect), the Christmas candy has been made and distributed, and houseguests have come through from far climes. As a sign of my age, I have begun to enjoy the sappier songs on the John Denver album, but fortunately still love the "No, figgy pudding. It's made with figs" exchange.
Merry Christmas, you guys.


Kelly said...

My dear gel:

Until now I had been loath to comment on your blog, although I often longed to; I was concerned that the effect would be akin to that of a trail of footprints on a formerly pristine snow-covered landscape.

I hope the sincerity of my holiday wishes will allow you to forgive my tramping all over your virgin comments page.

In much less pompous words, Merry Christmas!

AE said...

You've deflowered my comments! I'm honored. Thanks for reading.