Monday, August 29, 2005

Long before the Superdome ...

I'm headed to bed now and don't know what state New Orleans will be in tomorrow. Sounds like the storm is just starting to hit. It's such a gorgeous and sensuous city- sure, there's the bawdiness around Bourbon Street, but the entire city is suffused with sensual beauty. The air smells good, the food is good, the ever-present music is good. My gentleman-caller, not a Dixieland jazz fan, makes fun of it at every opportunity. But I love the live oaks and the architecture that picks up their delicate lines, and God I love the beignets, and how everywhere you look something is growing. The city just wants to be graceful and beautiful and enjoy itself. Its filth and crime and river mud only set it off. I wish I could protect it tonight.

Tonight's movie: Sunset bloody Boulevard, an unsolicited loan from a well-intentioned but clueless new colleague trying to make friends. "You like movies? You've got to see this." What a tedious exercise in misogyny. We get it! You find her pitiful and threatening! Give me the Simpsons' "Streetcar!" any day.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

wet hot american summer

This week's adventure has involved the plumbing in my old house-cum-apartment building. I do not own it, which is good, because the plumbing is in trouble. Black water would come sludging up out of the bathroom sink; then the kitchen sink refused to drain; and now both drains are repaired but the bathroom floor is now constantly covered with water of unknown origin. I feel like Jennifer Connelly. If only David Bowie were here.
Speaking of gentleman-callers, mine took me to the "Pub at Rookwood Mews" last night. I thought it would be an agreeable evening of beer in a dark wooden setting. However, it was crammed to the rafters with people in tank tops. We drank our pints with imprudent haste and watched a deeply tanned, silver-haired man in an open white shirt glide through the room like a ghost. Nobody seemed to notice him but us, and then he vanished. So we hastened back here and watched "She-wolf of London," which was much better.

Today's book: "Julie and Romeo" by Jeanne Ray. Everyone else read this about five years ago when it came out. I picked it up yesterday with the idea of having it for an upcoming plane ride, then stupidly started flipping through it, and now it's finished.

Friday, August 19, 2005

You know I'm not a saint

Another dancing post. Sorry for the long delay (I say to my nonexistent readers). I got bad family news last week and pretty much withdrew into myself in response. The selfish phase of that reaction is now over and I'm ready to come back into the world. So I went dancing with two good friends tonight. It was great. Some old flames were flickering around. I ended up thinking a lot about a former gentleman-caller, whom I met at a similar club. Dancing always brings back sensory memories of him: metal through flesh, sweaty vinyl pants turned inside out, smeared eyeliner. I'll always miss him when I'm out there.

Today's book: Arbella: England's Lost Queen by Sarah Gristwood. I'm just starting it.

Today's plant: Sarracenia leucophylla. It has a gorgeous white pitcher and a flower bud.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pray for daylight

Mmm. Just in from dancing at The Dock. My feet are killing me and the imprint of my fishnets is well pressed into my knees. God, I love dancing there. I didn't really talk to anyone tonight so I do not have any lively little anecdotes to tell... just went and danced and came home v. happy.

Today's book: "Hank Williams The Biography" by Colin Escott. My boss loaned me this so I sort of have to read it, but it's very good. I own no Hank records but will have to remedy that. Next month I turn 29, so this is nice and timely.

Today's plant: Drosera capensis, supposedly a sturdy plant, which hates me. I have two that are unhappy in the sun and the shade and the heat and the cool indoors. They must be self-destructive and doomed a la Hank.

The Master would not approve.

Well, I did not get to meet Mr. Campbell; there were too many people at the signing. I should've called ahead. My gentleman-caller and I waited for an hour and a half, but they were nowhere near getting to my group, and I had to get back to work. It was fun to see the crowd, though, and I was happy for Bruce that he drew so many fans. One guy had a great "Shaun of the Dead" shirt with a pattern that resembled one of Zombie Pumpkins'. "Bruce Campbell will sign all your books, but he will sign only one piece of memorabilia," announced a woman. "People in group F may now get in line - that's F, as in Fake Shemp." I just loved it. But I had to get back to work.

As consolation, we watched the "'Manos' The Hands of Fate" episode of MST3K after I got off work. I am now in love with Torgo!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Bruce Campbell is doing a book signing tonight at Joseph-Beth. Yeeee! I do not usually ask for autographs or any of this sort of thing... what is the point of an autograph? I tend to think. And if you're a fan of someone, buy their book or watch their movies, don't fuss around trying to meet them. But this is Bruce Campbell. I wonder if he's tired of being asked about the Evil Dead remake? Yeeeee! My gentleman-caller is jealous.

Today's book: If Chins Could Kill (oh, okay, and the new one too).

Today's plant: Turkish oregano. I bought it sort of as a joke this spring - I had Greek oregano last year and thought it would be funny to compare the two. (Ha! Ha!) But my God! This stuff has completely taken over a very large pot, and is threatening to spill over the sides. I use it more than I mean to, just to cut it back some. No wonder Cyprus is such a mess. Turkish = fierce!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Residents of Ohio's Second Congressional District should vote today. I plan to finish my book and then stagger through the quelling heat to my polling place. Usually I make it a point to bypass the campaign people out front, but I might shake hands with the Paul Hackett folks. He's awful cute.