Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pray for daylight

Mmm. Just in from dancing at The Dock. My feet are killing me and the imprint of my fishnets is well pressed into my knees. God, I love dancing there. I didn't really talk to anyone tonight so I do not have any lively little anecdotes to tell... just went and danced and came home v. happy.

Today's book: "Hank Williams The Biography" by Colin Escott. My boss loaned me this so I sort of have to read it, but it's very good. I own no Hank records but will have to remedy that. Next month I turn 29, so this is nice and timely.

Today's plant: Drosera capensis, supposedly a sturdy plant, which hates me. I have two that are unhappy in the sun and the shade and the heat and the cool indoors. They must be self-destructive and doomed a la Hank.

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