Monday, August 29, 2005

Long before the Superdome ...

I'm headed to bed now and don't know what state New Orleans will be in tomorrow. Sounds like the storm is just starting to hit. It's such a gorgeous and sensuous city- sure, there's the bawdiness around Bourbon Street, but the entire city is suffused with sensual beauty. The air smells good, the food is good, the ever-present music is good. My gentleman-caller, not a Dixieland jazz fan, makes fun of it at every opportunity. But I love the live oaks and the architecture that picks up their delicate lines, and God I love the beignets, and how everywhere you look something is growing. The city just wants to be graceful and beautiful and enjoy itself. Its filth and crime and river mud only set it off. I wish I could protect it tonight.

Tonight's movie: Sunset bloody Boulevard, an unsolicited loan from a well-intentioned but clueless new colleague trying to make friends. "You like movies? You've got to see this." What a tedious exercise in misogyny. We get it! You find her pitiful and threatening! Give me the Simpsons' "Streetcar!" any day.

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