Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Bruce Campbell is doing a book signing tonight at Joseph-Beth. Yeeee! I do not usually ask for autographs or any of this sort of thing... what is the point of an autograph? I tend to think. And if you're a fan of someone, buy their book or watch their movies, don't fuss around trying to meet them. But this is Bruce Campbell. I wonder if he's tired of being asked about the Evil Dead remake? Yeeeee! My gentleman-caller is jealous.

Today's book: If Chins Could Kill (oh, okay, and the new one too).

Today's plant: Turkish oregano. I bought it sort of as a joke this spring - I had Greek oregano last year and thought it would be funny to compare the two. (Ha! Ha!) But my God! This stuff has completely taken over a very large pot, and is threatening to spill over the sides. I use it more than I mean to, just to cut it back some. No wonder Cyprus is such a mess. Turkish = fierce!

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