Tuesday, January 03, 2006


"Pluf" is apparently Spanish for "plop," as in "to plop over in shock." When I lived in Spain, I had my head shaved, and my Spanish host mother told me (in Spanish): "Your mother is going to go 'pluf.'"

Well, I have just gone pluf: My gentleman-caller has alerted me to an upcoming local performance of "Chess," the classic musical tale of Cold War romance and international intrigue, by Benny Anderson, Tim Rice and Bjorn Ulvaeus. It's extremely weird and smashingly wonderful. The songs are catchy thanks to the ABBA boys, with lyrics by Rice at his most bitingly cynical. Wikipedia has a nicely thorough entry here. If anyone wants to borrow the original cast album, I'd be happy to loan it to you! Anyone?


Wes said...

I move, and they stage Chess??


Ah, but which version?


AE said...

Worth a trip back, don't you think? I am still so excited. I wondered if you'd heard about it when I saw your chess post this morning.
Alas, it will probably be some crazy American version with "Bangkok" stuck in the middle of Act II and a bunch of Hungary songs. Sigh. I only have the original cast album but plan to study up on the Broadway one, just to get oriented. Do you have a favorite?