Friday, September 01, 2006

Real is the new fake?

I sort of ignore YouTube, being a cranky old bitch, but apparently there's an interesting drama unfolding over whether a series of intriguing footage is real, a hoax or a brilliant ad campaign. Nick Spencer has a post on it and the New York Times runs down the possible scenarios.

Sci-fi cutie William Gibson saw it coming in his only novel set in the present.

On another note, my sister has informed me that you can't wear red to a wedding. What the hell?


Kelly said...

Hum. I've never heard that rule - I just know you're not supposed to wear black to a wedding. But I know I'm fighting a losing battle with that one.

The difficulty with etiquette is that informing someone of a breach of etiquette constitutes poor etiquette.

AE said...

Yet somehow my sister never hesitates to inform me when I'm performing a breach of fashion. Unfortunately, she's usually right.

I asked her to explain the red thing and she said the idea was to not upstage the bride (which is why you also can't wear solid white). Which suggests all female wedding guests are having to deliberately tone down their beauty and wear clothes that are frumpy and non-attention- getting, like in "Harrison Bergeron."