Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scream and run away

Today turned out to be my only day off this week; I am going to have some overtime money to spend on fripperies. My job is not particularly taxing but it's still uniquely exhausting to finish a seven-day stretch. Tonight Art Boy and I went to the beach to watch the sunset while eating excellent Belgian fries with garlic mayonnaise. It had been a couple weeks since we've been able to do that (and we'd never tried it with fries!), so it felt marvelous.

Earlier I drove to the rather fetching little community of San Dimas to visit Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop. The worthy Mrs. Nelson is sponsoring an appearance by Lemony Snicket next week and only gives away tickets with book purchases. So I picked up my copy of "The End," as well as really altogether too many other children's books considering I don't have children, and secured tickets for myself and a very sporting Art Boy. "The evening might run kind of late," warned the kindly cashier. "How old are your children?"

"Erm, they're for me and my partner," I said. "Am I allowed to go?"

"Why, of course you are!" she said. So that was a relief. Am very excited about the show, as we are also Stephin Merritt fans! I also scored a good-looking book for the niece and a Spanish-language edition of one of the nephew's favorite books, "David Gets In Trouble." He will be learning Spanish in kindergarten next year, the lucky little cabron.

Now Art Boy is watching the Mets/Cardinals game (it amazes me that I know who is playing and why it is significant; yes, grasshoppers, love really changes one) and I have been asked to choose a carryout service for dinner. I may instead have another Manhattan and get even sillier.


Kelly said...

Wait ...

... You mean San Dimas is REAL?!?!?

Does that mean there really is a Waterloo park? A Ziggy Pig ice cream shop? A mall where I can receive aerobics instruction from Joan of Arc?


AE said...

That is so funny. Art Boy said exactly the same thing when I got home! I was furious with myself for not remembering ... I could've at least gone to the Circle K.

Kelly said...

Also, how is The End? No spoilers, please - but is it at all satisfying?

Mr. Wufflekins has no patience for the Series (- of Unfortunate Events, not World -).

He finds it too cartoony, I believe. (And he likes cartoons!) He gets angry when Violet's inventions or Klaus' research is not actually as clever (or realistic) as Mr. Snicket keeps suggesting it is, and he dislikes Count Olaf's nebulous and unworkable plans.

He has suggested that Sunny should just strike out on her own and leave her dead-weight older siblings behind. I think she'd do all right.