Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Merry merry (scary)

The situation, updated:

Dressing: Done! I used rosemary instead of celery; this made it perhaps a bit dryer than otherwise.

Potato-apple gratin: Done! I hate baked apples so there's more potato than apple in it. Still, there it is. The key element is the gratin.

Rolls: Making an experimental second batch, just because I have time. We'll see which batch is better. I have always held that there's no such thing as too many rolls. One Thanksgiving at my aunt's I ate 13.

Art Boy: Home from work for a 4-day weekend, bearing a celebratory bottle of wine and seeming quite perky. We are kicking off the season of festiveness and lights and whatnot with some nice loud music. I do love this time of year, and it's even better not being freezing cold. *pauses to contemplate previous apartment, where the cold came through the edges around every window pane.* The best thing about it, though, is my Johnny Mathis "Christmas Is... " CD. Art Boy does not know about this yet, but oh dear readers, he will.


Kelly said...

Sounds like quite a spread! May I come to your dinner after my family is done eating? With the three-hour time change, I think I will just be able to make it.

The only thing I am in charge of this Thanksgiving is a baked Brie appetizer. I'm torn on what sort of fruit I'll add to it: cranberry chutney (seasonal) or dried cherries and almonds (delicious).

It is getting awfully chilly here, but I don't mind. I like weather in general, so Ohio is a good place to be because we have lots of it.

AE said...

Why of course you must come! We'll save some rolls for you. (It turns out when you make two batches, there are kind of a lot.) Your appetizer sounds sublime either way. Can you add almonds to the cranberry chutney for the best of both? It's the season of excess, after all.

Cheers! See you in a few hours.

Kelly said...

Sorry I couldn't make it - the family had a cracking game of Skittle-Bowl going, and I just couldn't resist.

I went with the cherries and almonds, and I think the dish turned out fabulously (although it could have used a bit more time in the oven to crisp up the puff pastry).

My sister, amusingly, took a tiny bite and said, "This is really good, Kelly," as she pushed it away. She's not really a Brie fan.