Monday, February 26, 2007


Well, the Oscars were actually faintly interesting this year. Go them! I spent my evening working in between two TVs that were playing the telecast on a slight delay; an award would be announced on one, then two seconds later on the other one. By the end of the night my head hurt, but at least that dreadful "Little Miss Sunshine" movie didn't win. I'm fine with Martin Scorsese. I think mobsters are dull but it sounded like a better-qualified film than most of the other nominees, if my beloved "Children of Men" couldn't make the cut.

I felt bad for the gang on the red carpet as it was pretty cold and gray here. Art Boy went to a NASCAR race, at which he thoughtfully secured a trinket for my cute nephew, and complained that he was absolutely freezing. Perhaps the folks back home would like to tell Art Boy what he can do with his freezing-cold 50-degree weather? Head on over to his blog.

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Melvinator said...

aw man. You didn't like "Little Miss Sunshine?" I loved it until the end. Still it was totally the underdog! Go Scorsese! I saw "The Departed" 3 times in the theater. And don't get me started on how many times I've seen Goodfellas.

I was totally moved by Forest Whitaker's speech. While slotting A1 stuff(boo...).

Anyway. I just peeped a comment you posted on my blog a long time ago. I'm so sorry. The info you requested is on the way.