Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plunge and scrub

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my little Shannons and Josephs! I caught myself reciting "Far and Away" dialogue while washing my stockings this morning. Unfortunately for Art Boy, I have not done very much household-type scrubbing while he's been away. The floor sorely needs vacuuming. But updating my blog before work is more important. Sorry, Art Boy! The world needs this post!

I am just in from a chilly walk around Santa Monica's Main Street. The coast is all socked with fog, and I imagine about two miles inland it is sunny and gorgeous. Everyone on the beach was under towels or had their arms pulled into their T-shirts. On my way down there I made eye contact with a Paul Bettany lookalike (mrrow! Sorry, Art Boy) who grinned at my green "Save Ginny!" T-shirt and said "Gotcher shirt on? All ready to go?" I realized what he meant when I got to Main Street. It's like Mount Lookout Square on steroids. Everyone is wearing green T-shirts and those big Dr. Seuss hats and shamrock antenna headbands. There are lines around the block to get into bars already. I am so happy not to be living next door to Millions and MLT this year, people, I could just scream. I walked around watching everyone stand in line, and then came home to my nice peaceful house for a nice bottle of Mackeson.

Be safe on the roads today. And if you find yourself all crowded up into the front window of a bar, for God's sake don't lean against the window....


Kelly said...

I think the Dubliner's new owners fixed that window. Sad! It would have been a nice story for when I've had a pint or six:

Me: (drunk, slurring) Tha's where Ann'lizb'th broke - (points at window, but has forgotten word for "window") thaa.

Mr. W: (also drunk, but speaking clearly, because he can do that) What? Sweetheart, you're crazy.

Me: Noo! She lean back 'gains tha glazz and broka winna!

Mr. W: Uh-huh. Whatever you say, crazy person.

Of course, in this scenario we have a designated driver. :)

AE said...

Passing Waitress: (enormously interested) Do you know who broke that window? Did she say she knew someone who had broken that window? Oh, for God's sake, wake her up and ask her again.

Mr. W: Come on, sweetheart. We gotta go.

Kelly: AE broke winna. She move to Shanta Monica... you wanna email her? Here...

Waitress: We've been trying to find this person. That window cost us a fucking fortune.

Kelly: Shire! Baggins! (passes out again)

Mike_R said...

Paul Bettany is a tosser