Friday, June 22, 2007

Connecting to neural net

Oh dear readers, I apologize for my lack of updates recently. Art Boy has accused me of having another blog but I do not. There has just not been much to report. The cats are fine; the plants are fine (growing like gangbusters now that June Gloom is over); we are fine.

I did go dancing tonight at Perversion again. Gosh, it was fun. Once more the shoegazing room was closed, the main room was full of pounding industrial and the front room with the 80s music was where I spent most of my time. Some beautiful people were out tonight, including a cute vintage-clad couple - he wore brown trousers, suspenders and a sort of ammo belt thing (a Brendan-Fraser-in-"The-Mummy" look) and she wore a darling old-fashioned aviation kit with a leather Amelia-Earhart-style helmet. Also a fetching girl in a green bikini with fishnet stockings and Day-Glo blue dreads, whose boyfriend had dyed the tips of his mohawk to match; a scrawny gal in a ruffled white blouse & long skirt who danced beautifully; and a cute petite girl in a red bustier, black miniskirt, gloves & ankle boots, who looked straight out of the "Papa Don't Preach" video. I leaned my elbows on a little round table, watching them all dance and reflecting on how everyone there, rather than trying to fit into a scene, was just wearing what they fancied and dancing as they pleased. Was this a generational thing? Or just LA? Or just this club?

Out front was a Walk of Fame star - this was on Hollywood Blvd - for Antonio Aguilar, who died this week. It was covered with flowers, memorial wreaths, burning novena candles and handwritten messages. It would have been incongruous but nothing really seems incongruous out here.

Anyway, I got to dance to "Kathy's Song" and "Once in a Lifetime." Squee! Jeff, we are totally going when you visit.


Kelly said...

I'm quite jealous of Jeff now.

AE said...

Well, then you should come visit too! Everyone should visit. We just bought a fancy new futon mattress.