Saturday, October 18, 2008

The world is quiet here

I'm not dead, I promise. I'm doing that thing where I feel helplessly glued to the computer all day and don't want to sit in front of it when I come home. But everything's fine -- working, walking, reading, gardening, watching fall settle over Los Angeles. And watching horror movies, most recently the delightful "Jaws" parody "Trees," about a small forest town being terrorized by a great white pine: "This was no lawn mower accident. This was -- a tree." Fantastic.

My daily routine has been through a series of changes and should settle into a new normal in a couple of weeks. I should be a bit less helplessly glued at work and more able to blog. Until then, enjoy Art Boy's pictures, Big Country's home-cured bacon, Eileen's musical notes, the adventures of Mark Trail & Mary Worth (not, sadly, together) and the various other delights available via my blogroll at right.

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