Monday, December 08, 2008

Stealth in action

Apparently I saw a Stealth bomber yesterday, although at the time I thought it was a kite. It was moving very slowly and looked sort of aimless. Glimpsed out of the corner of my eye, drifting over the hilltops against a cloudy sky, it looked sort of like a distant Dementor. A few minutes later I was driving under it on the eastbound 110 and noticed it looked like a Stealth fighter. "Huh," I said, and watched it meander off into the distance, and then forgot entirely about it it until I saw Wil Wheaton's post about it just now. I was on my way to Art Boy's and he would probably have been pretty interested... oh well. We did see a guy on a Segway, which was exciting for us.

Anyway, I keep forgetting I live in a place where the thing that looks like a Stealth fighter might actually be one, and the nerdy scruffy old guy at the restaurant who looks like Dustin Hoffman might actually be Dustin Hoffman. It's not really ***OMG L.A.*** anymore, it's just where I live. Which is pretty nice.


Eileen said...

I used to see stealth bombers when visiting my grandma because they fly out of Whiteman AFB in Missouri. What's crazy is sometimes they fly from Whiteman, bomb Iraq and fly back all without landing. California's like a drive to the convenience store compared to that.

AE said...

So you'd see them overhead and know that wherever they're going, it's almost certainly sinister? At least this one was, in fact, meandering over the landscape, which is what it looked like it was doing.

Mike_R said...

Those pilots commute to war. Its bizarre.