Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Halloween

Very belatedly -- and for no particular reason, other than that I am already looking forward to next Halloween -- I am sharing my Halloween costume with you gentle readers. I was Linda from "The Evil Dead."

This costume was thrown together in the car in great haste after work, and considering that I think it turned out rather well. The blue splotches are a little too bright, but I don't think you can do authentic '80s zombie makeup without having some blue in there. For a white bathrobe I had to resort to buying a white graduation robe at Goodwill and cutting it into a more shapely form. You just cannot buy a slinky white bathrobe these days. I was extremely pleased with the authentic necklace, which was purchased for a song on eBay. I wear it all the time now!

The costume was worn to an event where I knew almost nobody, so in hindsight it feels kind of wasted. One person, when I identified myself, did know who Linda was and said "OH YOU HAVE THE NECKLACE," which thrilled me beyond belief. My favorite reaction came from a blood-covered young woman who struck up a friendly conversation. "I'm Linda from The Evil Dead," I said. "Oh!" she said. "I'm Allison, from, I guess, Allisonland! Ha! Nice to meet you. What's Evil Dead? Is that a club?" So yeah. I need to meet some geekier people.

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