Monday, April 30, 2007

The lamentable spectacle of late-night cable

Art Boy is at Coachella, which means I get to hog the remote and watch unimproving movies all weekend. Unfortunately, a spring cold has rendered me unable to enjoy this privilege until tonight, and tonight all I can do is complain. My preference is the movie channels, and I am unsatisfied with the movies being shown. What is this "Elizabethtown"? The plot appears to turn on the notion that traveling from Louisville to E-town (as the locals call it) is a difficult thing. It is not. It is a straight shot down I-65 and only an idiot could get lost. Next channel. I wanted to see "Constantine" in theaters and am gratified that it is now airing on television, but there is a great deal of mumbling. The demons are not particularly scary. Keanu Reeves does not resemble John Constantine and I am weary of Rachel Weisz. Next channel. Why is it that "The Remains of the Day," which I love, is always on but it is always the scene where he is busy with the big dinner party and his father is dying? Perhaps this scene is the entire movie. I haven't actually watched this all the way through since second grade. Oh, fuck this. I'm getting in the tub with a book.


Chris said...

That's funny, we just watched Remains of the Day the other night. I read the book as part of one of classes we took in London and it was fun to compare my vague memories of it to the movie.

The dinner scene was long, and somewhat difficult to sit through. Enjoyed the movie, though.

You're right, Constantine was a waste of a good special effects budget (not to mention characters, plot, etc.).

AE said...

I did wake up this morning still thinking about the two seconds of a Tilda Swinton scene I saw. It might be worth flipping past again to see more of her. She looks almost exactly like the way Lucifer is drawn in "Season of Mists," don't you think?