Tuesday, April 03, 2007


No, I don't miss Opening Day at all, but there are quite a few things about Ohio that I do miss. There are days I would pay a thousand dollars for a Girth Burger - we have found nothing like Zip's out here. Sure, there are good burgers, but no super-cheap ones within walking distance that have great beer on tap, an AE-friendly ambiance and an Art Boy-friendly TV showing sports. And no place with a grilled split mettwurst on top of a hamburger. Oh God, I miss those damn things. I bought a Zip's shirt before leaving, but I don't ever wear it, because it makes us both sad.

I also miss my garden. It's sunny and gorgeous here, and my Jaune Flamme tomato plant is already putting out tiny green maters, but I just wonder what is coming up in my old yard. Probably some volunteer borage in the front, and probably some sage since I can't possibly have dug it all up, and almost certainly some black plum tomato plants in the side yard where the squirrels always dropped a few seeds while making off with my fruit (little bastards). And I can't have gotten all the bulbs dug up.

Not to mention Southgate House, and Sushi Ray, and the Mercantile Library (which I can't bring myself to take off the links list), and the purple bridge, and The Dock on Thursdays, and restaurants where you can actually park without a valet or a meter, and the noble Plum Street Cafe. And of course, there are the people, way too many to list. I've really got to visit. I miss you guys.


Kelly said...

You're making ME miss Cincinnati, and I haven't even moved away!

(I am, however, in the midst of a punishing regimen of dieting and Lenten sacrifice that prevents me from eating Girth Burgers or drinking wine. That might have something to do with my yearning.)

I can't help but notice your old building is still intact - I thought it was slated to be pulled down and condoed up?

AE said...

Not until this summer at the earliest, they told me - my old apartment was leased after I left. The condos are, to no one's surprise, running behind schedule. But they have all already been sold.

Let me know when it finally comes down!