Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A good day

It is a good day when your yoga teacher - your yoga teacher! - advises you to put more butter on your food. According to her, this is a season where our joints feel creakier and our skin feels dryer. Eating more butter will help. Now that I can do. Namaste!

(She also advised that we bathe in sesame oil and chickpea flour. I wonder if she is trying to eat us.)


Kelly said...

It says to me that she owns stock in sesame oil - that stuff is expensive to be pouring into your tub!

Does Suave make a Sesame Bath Oil? Because that would be awesome and hilarious.

AE said...

We're apparently supposed to just brush the oil over our skin, then use chickpea flour to ... get it off, somehow? I was too busy trying not to think about the Seinfeld episode with Kramer sunbathing in butter.

Chris said...

Wait, yoga involves eating (more) butter? No wonder it's becoming more popular by the day.

Also: seasons? Really? Not that I'm arguing against butter season.

BC said...

You're essentially being asked to become falafel for your own well being. That sounds like plan to me.

AE said...

It sounds like exactly the kind of thing my parents warned me about when I told them I was moving to California. Thank Christ they don't know about this blog (or any blog, really).

Chris: At my house, it is always butter season.

Anonymous said...