Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween, my little Internet pumpkins! I did not make my beloved severed-finger cookies (not beloved-severed-finger cookies) this year, which was a shame because Art Boy was out of town and would not have had to be horrified by them. However, I am visiting my parents and get to go trick-or-treating tonight with the niece and nephew. The last time I trick-or-treated was in high school when several of us tried to collect money for Unicef. It was not a success. Somehow having high school students show up at your door asking for money and candy does not inspire generosity in most suburban dwellers...

Anyway, enjoy your Halloweens! And if you need a movie to watch, try one of the "31 Flicks that Give You the Willies," popularly elected at Shoot the Projectionist. I did my best but was not able to get "Cabin Fever" on the list... oh well.

Update: Maggie made severed-finger cookies! They look fab. I was ridiculously excited to see her photos and might have to make some myself for Christmas. Elf fingers?

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Kelly said...

I recall some UNICEF trick-or-treaters showing up on my doorstep a few years ago. It was quite awkward because they did not make it immediately clear that they were not merely begging for candy at an extremely inappropriate age; they waited until I actually tried to give them some candy. When I found out they actually wanted canned goods, I was relieved and gave them candy in addition to green beans.

Call me a Halloween Scrooge, but I kind of hate trick-or-treat now. Far too many costume-less 15-year-olds for my taste.