Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, we appear to be in the midst of a natural disaster. Fun fun! First Malibu was on fire, just up the coast from us; we walked to the beach yesterday and admired the smoke in the distance. Now Ardenstone is surrounded by flames and thinking about whether he & Christy might need to evacuate. And new fires keep springing up around L.A. I am monitoring the situation with the help of my friendly neighborhood newspaper, which has some really amazing photos up - check them out - and local blogger Veronique de Turenne at Here in Malibu, who is also posting amazing photos.

Small disasters are lost every day in a city this size. This is a big disaster. Heck, we're even the main art on tomorrow's Washington Post. Thanks, guys.
Photo above by Don Kelsen, LAT

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Chris said...

So glad y'all are safe during all of this. If the TV is off, it feels like a quiet fall day here. The sky is mostly hazy but blue, and the smoke could almost be a neighbor's fireplace or wood stove. So strange.