Sunday, December 16, 2007

Separated at birth?

I don't know much about "Sweeney Todd." I'm sure it's lovely. But the posters just remind me of Count Olaf. I would be more excited about this movie, I think, if it weren't for "Sleepy Hollow" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and the fact that Depp/Burton is just not a sure thing the way it was back in "Edward Scissorhands" days. Yeah, it's got Helena Bonham Carter, but so did Kenneth Branagh's "Frankenstein," you know? Sigh.
Oh, I'm probably just grouchy on account of Dan Fogelberg dying today. To find out if the encounter described in "Same Old Lang Syne" really happened*, go here.
*IT DID! Can you believe it! He had an awkward conversation with his high school girlfriend just like a regular person!! Except, as he reminds us in the song, he's famous. OMG.


Kelly said...

Fun fact: Sometimes I confuse Helena Bonham Carter with Lara Flynn Boyle. This is purely because they are both skinny, pale brunettes with three names.

AE said...

I bet Tim Burton does that all the time.

BC said...

We ought to be clear here. Even if Burton manages to f*ck this movie up, Sondheim's musical is a masterpiece.
Helena Bonham Carter was in Fight Club.
Lara Flynn Boyle has never gone near a part that crazy.
Both of them pale in comparison to Kate Winslet, who should have gotten the part Bonham Carter got in this film.

AE said...

I just watched an entire hour of "The Holiday" the other night and I blame it entirely on Kate Winslet. It wasn't good, but goddamnit, I couldn't walk away from her.

J-Will said...

Eileen and I saw "Sweeney Todd" last night. In a word, yuck ... just in the gore sense. The visuals were great, but the music didn't fit with the incredible darkness of the cinematography and story. But then I really don't like Sondheim. Sorry. Though I'll probably rent it on DVD to see it again. As Eileen said, it a singularly unique viewing experience.

AE said...

The LA Times called it a "gorgeous artifact." I'm looking forward to seeing it. As one of the six people who saw the "Phantom" movie I do feel somewhat obliged.