Sunday, December 02, 2007

Visit to Ohio

Paid a visit back east last week. Got to see friends, have some excellent food and perform some Christmas shopping while actually wearing a coat. I spent two nights with Betsy & Mike in Dayton, snuggling with my favorite dog, and then one night with Jamie in Cincinnati, which included a night out at Plum Street Cafe with all the ink-stained wretches I used to work with. It was just lovely to be back.

Jamie and me the next morning

I also stopped by Mt. Lookout Square, noted with interest that the movie theater is now a nightclub and Sushi Ray is now some other sushi place with "wasabi" in the name (which is like having a coffeehouse with "java" in the name). But Zip's is still there, and The Dust Jacket, and Muz's, and that random cat store. I poked around my old garden, which was very poignant: it's just a mess. I had always imagined someone else would move in and enjoy the plants and take care of it. Heh. Beer bottles, dog mess, cigarette butts... actual trash, in my garden. I was kind of happy to leave.


Met Jeff for lunch at JeanRo. Oh God I missed that place. It was great to see him and walk around downtown a little bit -- stop by the Mercantile Library, admire the new Fountain Square (don't make the Genius cry!), use the bathroom at the Tower Place food court, note the closure of the Federal Reserve bar and the opening of a new lounge by Pigall's. And then get in the car and drive away. The next day at the airport I walked to the terminal from the rental-car lot, took off my coat and packed it in my luggage before checking in. Won't need it again until my next visit.


ACE said...

Oh that's so sad! Sushi Ray was by far the best in town. Harumph. At least Zip's and Muz's? is still there. I too love JeanRo. I drank champagne with lunch for the very first time there. Fabulous.

Glad you had a great time!!

Kelly said...

Aw, I am sad I missed your visit!

Dancing Wasabi is supposed to be very good, although I haven't tried it; I'm more of an Asiana girl myself.

Sorry to hear about your garden. (I keep expecting to pass by your ex-house and see it demolished to make way for one of those townhouses that are popping up all over the neighborhood.)

The Federal Reserve moved to Newport on the Levee. They say they'd rather be downtown bu there were problems with the lease. An actual bank is opening in its place, which I think is much less interesting.

AE said...

Sorry to have missed you, Kelly! It was a whirlwind and there were lots of people I didn't get to see. That's weird about the Federal Reserve... so they are abandoning the bank building and moving to a mall but keeping the name? Huh.

ACE, thank you for reminding me the proper rendering of Muz's?. :)Ruthai Thai is still there! I tried making soy sauce noodles for Art Boy the other day but they just weren't right.

ACE said...

I love me my Ruthai.

Best spring rolls and pad sea ewe EVER.