Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Live free or die!

Bill Bryson once wrote that New Hampshire's state motto struck him as a little extreme; as a resident himself, he was not entirely comfortable with signing up for an implied life-or-death struggle. Anyway. Wasn't last night exciting? I'm trying to keep politics out of this blog for the most part but I am just having a ball with this campaign. It's all going to end after Feb. 5 so we should enjoy it while we can. I love that Hillary's win is being treated as a "comeback" when she's had the state in the bag for so long. What's real news is that Obama gave her such a close call there. It's slightly enraging too that both Iowa and New Hampshire have been treated as all-or-nothing wins and losses. You're not dealing with a single electorate that's changing its mind, after all. Art Boy pointed out that the campaign is being treated like a giant sports tournament, hence the wins/losses emphasis. I guess people are just excited, which is nice.

I'm not normally a fan of hers, but I just loved the Maureen Dowd column. Both Clintons are absolutely shameless. They'll do whatever it takes. People don't dislike Hillary because she's a woman; they dislike her because Americans want their leaders to become successful on their own terms, not because of who they're married to. (Sure, Bush was elected because of whose son he was, but I think that's part of why even Republicans are so contemptuous of the guy now.)

Anyway. Art Boy just wrote to say Netflix is sending us "Night of the Comet" and Dario Argento's "Inferno," so I'll be back to posting about zombies and fake blood shortly.


Kelly said...

When stuff like this happens on the East Coast, it must be nice to be on Pacific time. Things slide in so neatly before deadline.

Chris said...

Haven't the primaries been a blast? I'm thinking the post-primary campaign is going to be mostly misery, but at this point it's a great time.

I heard an interview on NPR (or a similar show) this morning with the Irish bookies who paid out to all their customers who bet on Obama to win the entire primary the night before Hillary won NH. The bookies were a bit more chagrined that this article implies. It's totally great entertainment.

I think people dislike Hillary for more than who she's married to. It's a crazy, visceral hate by a lot of folks that I don't understand. I'm not a big Hillary fan (she has some pro-censorship history amongst other issues), but then it seems like most any national politician examined up close resembles a conniving weasel.