Friday, January 18, 2008

Pity the child

I was a bit startled to find Bobby Fischer's obit on the NYT's main page this morning. They did a nice job; it's very poignant. Poor little thing. I will have to bust out "Chess" today; Bobby would probably not appreciate that, but he would probably not approve of most things that most people do anyway.

(By the way, Vampira finally got an obit.)

In other news, I am completely undecided about this Teeth film. I love horror movies and I am always interested in the subtexts about women's sexuality so this should really be my kind of thing. I'm just not sure I can handle it. Just reading the reviews makes me feel rather faint. Also, it doesn't sound like it's got a whole lot to say; it sounds like the horror version of, say, Enough. Then again, how often do you get to hear a bunch of movie critics talking about the vagina dentata myth? I feel a certain obligation to support this. Hmm. Hmm.


BC said...

It trips off the tongue so delectably---vagina dentata. Too bad it's a nightmare. The NYT's Dargis did not give a terribly favorable review.
I think I want to see it though. The review I read said the female lead evokes a younger (dewy was the word I think) Heather Graham. We at BC sure like to watch HG talk.

ACE said...

Sad about Fischer, eh? It brought back memories of my Chess days.

BTW, saw Cloverfield the other night and thought of you. It's really done pretty well, if you can stand the seizure cam.

AE said...

HG's talking with her mouth, BC. It's way up there...

ACE, the more I read about Bobby Fischer the more impressed I am with Chess for the American's characterization. It really seems spot on.