Friday, March 14, 2008

At the zoo

Art Boy and I went to the LA Zoo on Tuesday. It was a hot afternoon and most of the animals were napping:

The sea lions, however, seemed comfortable:

By the time we got to the tigers, it was practically evening and they were feeling mildly frisky:

In the meerkat exhibit, only one deigned to come out of the nap pile in the shade; it just sat with its back to everyone. Meerkat divas.

I went through frowning at inappropriate signage. Couldn't they have tailored a "Do not feed" sign for the reptile area? Sigh. Copy editors belong in zoos.

Art Boy has more photos.


tina b. said...

did you give the tigers your left over beer keg?

AE said...

They were frantic to get at that keg. It was bobbing in their pond and they couldn't quite get their paws around it. Art Boy explained to me that tigers aren't supposed to have parties, so they were trying to hide the keg before their keeper came around at closing time. He knows lots about animals.