Monday, March 24, 2008


I just emailed Art Boy and asked if we can get a kitten. (The actual threat level of this is low; some colleagues rescued a litter of kittens from an abandoned car in the garage at work, and they're cute enough I imagine they will all get homes.) This is mainly an experiment to see what he says. I'll let you guys know.


"Oh, lordy."

(I think someone wants a kitten!!!)


I admitted to Art Boy that there were probably plenty of potential homes for these particular kittens. He replied:

"if they get no takers then we should step in. If they have plenty of admirers we can pass and save that spot for a kitty that needs our help. Like the boy! (please God not like the boy!)"

He so so so wants a kitten.


Kelly said...

You're going to turn into that household everyone knows they can foist their cats off onto. I already have plans to ship Thursday out there if things ever get too intense in Cincinnati. (She was involved in some ... stuff before. Neither of us like to bring it up.)

AE said...

We don't take hot cats.

Mike_R said...

I do! But I don't! I just do what Stacia tells me to do.

tina b. said...

i was once part of a kitten coup. timpratt was the victim and troika was the result. tho she kinda looked like a rat then, she's really cleaned up nicely.

珊珊李 said...