Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another reason to love Rex Morgan, M.D.

(Besides that he has the prescription for the daily blues): He pops up in the most delightfully unexpected places. Such as the bunch of lilac I got at the farmers market today. See?

Sure gives me pause as I inhale the lovely fragrance of my lilac. Could I have staph bacteria growing in my nose? Thanks, Rex!


Betsy said...

Today's Rex Morgan was also excellent. Have you not been following his compelling stories, including the recent series in which Rex Morgan and his Little Brother foiled a bank robber?

AE said...

I was thrilled by that series (particularly given the surname of the bank robber and his wife!). Rex Morgan is the only soap comic that runs in my paper so I really rely on him for those month-long cliffhangers. But first -- two months of buildup. How do we kill it? How??