Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Thanks to the Democrats (who need to just quit arguing and kiss already), I had one day off this week, so I spent it at Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. It's peak bloom season! Check it out!

Here's how it looks from far away:

Here is how it looks closer up:

And here is how it looks very close up:

Yes, kiss me, you foolish poppies!!!

Such a gorgeous and needed getaway. The colors were amazing. I should have a decent Flickr set up in the next day or two (Flickr's being bitchy right now).


Kelly said...

You have a poppy reserve? I didn't realize that poppies needed reserving.

Also, can you explain why everyone loves Flickr? I was quite irritated by their "your friends can only save your photos if you pay a fee" policy, so I was going to sign up for one of the other, less popular photo-sharing services but never got around to it.

Perhaps Google could start up a photo-sharing service? I'll sign up for pretty much anything connected with Google.

*fact checks*

Ah. Never mind - they have Picasa. I guess that's that, then.

AE said...

Yes, bless their orange little hearts, they huddle in the Antelope Valley for safety. Apparently Pasadena used to be covered with them (until it became covered in, well, Pasadena). The reserve claims to be the biggest splotch of them left in the state.

I did not know about that Flickr fee. Not that I'd endorse this, but can you just give your friend your password? Everyone loves Flickr because Flickr loves you.

Chris said...

Pretty! Those are quite fetching, how far away is Antelope Valley? Are there any antelopes there, or did they get kicked out for eating protected poppies? Anyhow, the photos are just smashing.

Hrm, I didn't think Flickr put any restrictions on non-paying users except that they can't upload more than X amount per month. Do they not display "Original Size" or something? Whatever that limit in upload size is, it ends up being pretty small which is why a lot of us pay to join.

Eileen said...

I love California Poppies! A friend brought me a packet of seeds when I first moved to The 'Nati but I never could get them to grow. I can't get anything to grow most of the time, though, so I'm not sure it was the plant's problem. I'm also thinking it wasn't hot and dry enough for them around here.

AE said...

I blanch slightly to think of all the poppy-seed packets I have gone through over the years...not one has ever repaid me with even the tiniest sprout. California poppies, alpine poppies, it doesn't seem to matter. Out here I thought it might be different so I dumped some California poppy seeds in the side yard, carefully following instructions on the packet as always. It's been two weeks and we got nothing. So it's not just you! Poppies are stubborn little divas!

Antelope Valley is about an hour and a half from here with good traffic. I saw no antelopes, alas.

Jamie said...

Those photos are gorgeous. I'm very jealous. But hey, I can drive an hour and a half and see ... um ... corn? ... so there!

Anonymous said...