Thursday, July 21, 2005

And the heat goes on

I am heading into my seventh day of work in a row. Aggh. Because of a staff shortage, I'm having to do other people's jobs instead of my own, so every night is unpredictable and stressful. Tomorrow I'm off, but my week starts right back up again on Saturday. Aggghh.

Today's book: "Murther and Walking Spirits" by Robertson Davies. I finished it this morning. In theory, I enjoyed the combination of history and metaphysics; still, I couldn't wait to put it down. Thank God I can now move on.

Today's plant: Drosera binata. It's coming up as a volunteer alongside a Sarracenia leucophylla plant from California Carnivores. Free plant! What's amazing is that I ordered a D. binata from them at the same time and managed to kill it after a month. (It was in a separate pot.) This feels like forgiveness from the carnivorous-plant gods, who have to be scary.

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