Wednesday, July 13, 2005

warm rain

Heavens! Let's pull ourselves together a bit, shall we? Warm rain is falling and the cats & I are quite snug. Tomorrow my gentleman-caller and I are off on a trip to Nashville, my humid scorching sweet hometown. We plan to have cocktails with my parents and possibly attend a concert at the Ryman. Mmm.

Today's plant: Nepenthes coccinea. God, this plant loves summer. The humidity is spurring it to form large hairy beautiful pitchers. I'll have to post pictures, but not tonight.

Tonight's book: "Murther and Walking Spirits," by Robertson Davies. This would be a perfect beach book, with its meandering pace and ranging narrative. I thought it would be a gripping page-turner, but reading it is very relaxing. It's a very mellow book.

Am unlikely to blog from Nashville, but I do promise to come back.

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