Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Art Boy out

As he has mentioned over at his site, Art Boy is going home to eat some horrible food and see some lovely people. I will be working over the holiday weekend, and probably also watching unimproving movies, eating avocadoes with a spoon, and biting my toenails. Am looking forward to it.

Not much else to report. Couple of sundews are putting up flower stalks. I was going to take pictures this morning, but wouldn't you know, the sun went and came out on me.


ACE said...

I will be there myself in 2 weeks. Ah the sweet taste of a Coney from Skyline. Or the wonder of Eggplant Parmesan from Pompilios. Karaoke at Mary's.

Also, have been calling the dog Mumbles. Doesn't quite fit for her. Plumpy works best.

AE said...

Oh, you Skyline people... I think he will probably also eat good food such as Zip's and Ruthai, but the sheer amount of Skyline he's going to try and pack into four days just does not bear thinking about. Two weeks is so soon! I'm really happy for you.

We sometimes call Isis cat "Plumpy" or "Plumptious." It fits her pretty well. She is round.