Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Jericho' update

The show has been CANCELED! HA! Take that, Art Boy!

No word on "Blind Justice." We're something like three weeks behind on "Lost." This may necessitate a marathon tonight, although Art Boy thoughtfully Netflicked "The Notorious Bettie Page" for me and I really want to watch that.

Right. Farmers market. I'm off.


Eileen said...

If you haven't caught up on Lost yet you really must. The last couple episodes have been amazing.

I saw two episodes of Jericho and decided I was unwilling to give the show any more of my time - and I'll watch about anything.

AE said...

Jericho was just mind-bendingly awful. Art Boy had this sort of poignant conviction that the premise was really good and any day the show would catch up to it. It never happened.

We're now just one episode behind on Lost. I loved the Ben backstory! The Others are getting less and less annoying to me, and the original castaways more and more so. I wonder if they're doing that on purpose.