Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Borage martini

I promised myself one of these when the borage finally bloomed, which happened this week. And the damn thing is gigantic: it towers over the tomato it shares a pot with. I'm transplanting it out tomorrow.

The martini is just Hendricks gin with the usual splash of vermouth and borage flowers floated on top. They're just pretty. They're also edible so you can eat gin-soaked slightly cucumbery flowers. It's all kind of pointless but fun, a nice complement to the martini's ruthless qualities.

And of course it is gripped in my red floor-scrubbing soil-loading nail-bitten paw. Dr. Brian, we need some new hand models pronto...


Chris said...

Pretty *and* tasty! When you were saying that "the damn thing is gigantic" I was nodding in impressed agreement, thinking you meant the martini. It looks fabulous.

Kelly said...

Borage flowers are quite pretty! I also like that it rhymes with "porridge," because that seems like it could be useful if you ever wanted to create, say, a limerick based on a nursery rhyme.