Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where the hell is Harry Potter?

If that little four-eyed bastard doesn't show up on our doorstep before I leave for work, I'm going to smash some Horcruxes. Or something. Art Boy ordered Book 7 from Amazon and we're going to spend the weekend playing tug-of-war.


Betsy said...

It's 10:30 p.m. here and I'm on page 248... taking a short technology break before returning to the World of the Imagination, where, as expected, everything is currently Dark and Tense. I just went to the bookstore this morning, and it was pretty funny to see everyone who came in stop at the front and pick up a copy! Hope yours arrived! :)

AE said...

It did show up, thank heavens, around 1 p.m. with the rest of the mail. The arrival went something like this:

Mailman: Knock-knock.
Art Boy: Who is it?
Mailman (wearily): Harry Potter.
Art Boy (opening door): Thanks! This must be quite a day for you, huh?
Mailman (wearily): Yes. And we have to hand them over in person; we can't leave them at the door. They told us to treat them like gold.
Art Boy: Wow. Well, thanks.
Mailman (wearily): Enjoy.

Hope you're enjoying it! I will be interested to see where Art Boy is when I get home.

Mike_R said...

artboy is finished. i can't believe Harry Potter was really Tom Cruise and Dumbeldore was L Ron Hubbard. it all makes sense now

Kelly said...

I got mine at Kroger last night, but as I've promised myself I won't read it until I've finished rereading the rest of the series, I've yet to begin it.

I'm getting a bit worried, though, because I MUST have it read by Friday afternoon when my friends and I head up to Columbus for the Harry and the Potters show; it's just too much for me to hope that I'll be able to avoid spoilers there.

That means finishing up Order of the Phoenix and reading the last two books in their entirety in one week - which sounds reasonable, but my free time is sparse! Guess I'd better go work on that now.

AE said...

If you don't sleep, and enhance the late-night reading experience with a flashlight under the covers (cue the lovely wand scene from the PoA movie's opener), you should be fine. I have every confidence in you.

The first 350 pages are pretty exciting. I am impressed at having been able to wrench it away from Art Boy for that long.

Enjoy, everyone!

Betsy said...

Done! I give it an A.

I much enjoyed your description of the conversation with the mailman... :)

Mary said...

So good! I loved it!

Kevin and I actually went to pick it up at midnight. Did I say "it" - I meant "them!" We did not share. :)

That poor mailman!

AE said...

Finished! Hmm.

I love Neville.

Kelly said...

60 pages to go. Stupid workday.